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Freeware tools provided by

All software below can be used free of charge. The software can be used for personal or business use.

Windows Health Monitor
Monitor the system resources like CPU, memory utilization etc., for upto 20 windows client and server OS devices.
Windows Service Monitor
Monitor the MySQL, MSSQL, DHCP, Sharepoint services and more.
Axence nVision Free
Free version of Axence flagship program for integrated IT infrastructure management - Axence nVision Pro
Altaro Hyper-V Backup Free Edition
Back up your Hyper-V VMs Easy & Fast. 100% built for Hyper-V. Free for 2 VMs, forever.
  55 MB
VMware Monitor (freeware, windows 32/64bit, graphical)
Freeware tool to monitor Vmware ESXi servers and Virtual Machines
  5 MB
XenServer Monitor (freeware, windows 32/64bit, graphical)
Freeware tool to monitor Citrix XenServer and Virtual Machines
  5 MB
SNMPBrowser (freeware, windows 32bit, graphical)
Freeware tool to browse a MIB tree and perform SNMP Get, GetNext, Set and Walk operations
  3 MB
SendSms (freeware, windows 32-bit, graphical)
Freeware tool to send SMS messages using a GSM modem
  2 MB
Smpp Simulator (freeware, windows 32/64 bit, graphical)
Freeware SMPP simulation tool. High volume, multi-threaded SMPP simulator featuring advanced SMS messaging aspects
  4 MB